Admitting the facts

It is not difficult to admit that the United States lies between Mexico and Canada when we have examined the relevant maps and perhaps have traveled in the three countries. From study and experience we have ascertained the facts and admit them spontaneously—in an unlabored way—without being especially conscious of doing so. Through studying the Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy and working at practicing scientific law, we admit divine facts more effortlessly and heal with growing confidence. We concede more and more regularly that man is the unbounded idea of Spirit. We more readily identify ourselves as man, rather than as a finite mortal entity. We admit to ourselves what we really are.

Moses was equipped to lead the children of Israel to the land God promised them as he became willing to drop willful argument and material appearances, and to admit the facts of being. The Bible describes Moses' admission of the truth of but one Ego, the divine, as God saying to Moses, "I AM THAT I AM." Ex. 3:14; This admission of a fundamental truth made an enormous difference to Moses and his followers. As it will to us.

More effective treatment
March 3, 1980

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