Don't lever the petals open

To hurry nature along by prematurely opening the petals of a flower may sometimes work. In relating the truth of being to human situations this approach never works. Nervous impatience that makes us want to lever open each aspect of some project or healing slows things down. It doesn't help. Lever the petals open? The main point is, there is no need to. Everything that takes place in the creation of infinite Life happens because it's impelled by Life. It is responding to the deific will.

Life is Love, Mind. All actions and ideas are intelligent and coordinated. They are beneficent. Mortal sense, though, looks out on a world of imperfection. Things not done. Or done badly. It sees important elements missing, is greedy and self indulgent. Mortal sense says, "I want it all, and I want it now." Yet its wants are insatiable. Impatience is its signature.

"I am not afraid"
October 6, 1980

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