Truth's simplicity

"If there is an ultimate truth, why isn't it simple and generally accepted?" A question that's probably been asked millions of times over centuries. Christ Jesus' welcome to small children is touching in this context: he undoubtedly knew that the truth of being can be responded to by the innocent and uncorrupted.

Two thousand years later a truth-seeker—and truth-finder—wrote to a friend about Christian Science: "Truth is, and ever has been, simple; and because of its utter simplicity, we in our pride and selfishness have been looking right over it. We have been keeping our eyes turned toward the sky, scanning the heavens with a far-off gaze in search of light, expecting to see the truth blaze forth like some great comet, or in some extraordinary manner; and when, instead of coming in great pomp and splendor, it appears in the simpleness of demonstration, we are staggered at it, and refuse to accept it; our intellectual pride is shocked, and we are sure that there has been some mistake. Human nature is ever the same." Quoted in Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 469;

Inheritances and family harmony
August 14, 1978

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