Inheritances and family harmony

As helpful as legal procedures are in preparing wills and establishing provisions for inheritances, such procedures are not always enough. Even when the best planned human steps are taken in providing for the distribution of property, heirs may disagree. Sometimes there are unfortunate disruptions in family relationships. The teachings of Christian Science never lead the individual to avoid a need to confront and resolve specific human problems. Its teachings of God and man—of ultimate reality—show how to heal difficulties.

The reason inheritances sometimes lead to family inharmony is that an inheritance is thought to grow out of an individual's death. Now, that observation might sound strangely obvious to someone who is not a Christian Scientist. But an understanding that true inheritance comes from Life, God, rather than death, carries a profoundly healing impact. This spiritual fact can remove even longstanding antagonisms that have resulted from disagreement over an inheritance.

Jonah and the whale
August 14, 1978

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