Whilst I am not a member of The Mother Church nor any...

Whilst I am not a member of The Mother Church nor any branch Church of Christ, Scientist, I had from the age of sixteen years attended the Christian Science Sunday School and continued to read sporadically Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, along with other Christian Science literature. Whenever in a tight spot, whether aware of it or not, I would naturally apply spiritual truths taught in Christian Science.

I would like to relate a healing of my teen-age daughter five years ago of what is known medically as viral encephalitis. The illness occurred a few days before Christmas, and my daughter, who was on school holidays, telephoned me at my office during the morning to say that she was ill with alarming symptoms. As the condition appeared serious and my daughter was under eighteen, I had to conform with the law in this country (Child Protection Act). I telephoned the doctor who had attended her birth. The diagnosis was grave, and hospitalization in isolation was necessary. The doctor spoke of possible serious aftereffects. By this time the picture painted by him filled me with fear. I telephoned a Christian Science practitioner, giving her all the details of the case. She comforted me and gave me confidence in the fact that this girl was safe in the protection of divine Love. This proved to be true.

Testimony of Healing
A few years ago I was faced with many physical problems...
September 5, 1977

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