The Bugle Call

Healing of sickness in Christian Science is unquestionably important. But it still stands at the beginning of wider action. It is the call to higher activity, the signal to reach for higher goals. In answering the question "Is healing the sick the whole of Science?" Mrs. Eddy says: "Healing physical sickness is the smallest part of Christian Science. It is only the bugle-call to thought and action, in the higher range of infinite goodness. The emphatic purpose of Christian Science is the healing of sin; and this task, sometimes, may be harder than the cure of disease; because, while mortals love to sin, they do not love to be sick." Rudimental Divine Science, pp. 2-3;

Sometimes physical healing seems to be the ultimate goal, especially when a difficulty is standing in the way of our daily activities. However, we need to think of physical healing as our bugle call to take the next steps—to renew our efforts to prove the utter nothingness of all sin.

World Affairs: What You Can Do
August 22, 1977

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