Form the Model in Consciousness!

A few years ago I purchased a house. When the former owner turned over the keys, he also delivered a set of blueprints the architect had used during the construction. On the first page were the usual scale drawings of the exterior of the house from all four sides. Inside pages revealed finer detail—the plumbing and electrical systems, the detail work for a particular window, the shape of the carving on a stairway. These drawings, together with the specifications of the materials to be used in construction, had given all the guidance the builder had needed to carry through the project. In a sense, the builder had transformed that set of blueprints, which represented a concept in the architect's thought, into the finished product, a house.

Much treatment, or prayer, in Christian Science consists of forming a model in consciousness. This model, to be effective in healing, does not consist of just any thoughts that happen to present themselves. It consists of those enduring spiritual qualities and true ideas one learns to identify as coming from God. They are eternal, self-existent, perfect, and complete—that is, incapable of change or improvement.

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