Death Must Become Obsolete

Some of his own people, even those who had believed in him, were outraged when Christ Jesus told them, "If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." John 8:51; Were not Abraham and the prophets dead, they asked? Was Jesus setting himself up to be greater than the patriarchs? Did he really believe he could guarantee immortality when the great spiritual seers could not?

But the truth taught by the master Christian, which results in proving that Life is everlasting and there is no death, had come to light gradually over the centuries. The unfolding revelation of true being emerges with Abraham's glimpse of the one God. Step by step the understanding of infinite, divine Life, or Mind, as the creative Principle, or source, of all being became fuller and clearer through the vision and demonstration of successive prophets and enlightened men and women. Finally, it culminated in Jesus' own inspired teaching, and his proof, when he emerged from the tomb, of death's powerlessness to destroy life.

August 21, 1976

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