Gratitude: A Healing Attitude

Christian Science lifts gratitude out of the range of mere human emotion by showing that it expresses the very power of God, Spirit. Being imbued with spiritual power, gratitude for God and His omnipotence does more than cheer us—it has a healing effect in our lives. How? True gratitude is an acknowledgment of divine Love's ever-present goodness, and this attitude helps dissolve discord.

Since gratitude is such a force for good, we need to keep it active in our consciousness. We can sing as the Psalmist: "O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day." Ps. 119:97; Because the desire as well as the ability to express gratitude has a spiritual animus, we may rightly wonder why this healing attitude sometimes seems so conspicuously absent.

"Me? Emulate Jesus?"
November 22, 1975

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