Giving Thanks for What Church Really Is

All that's worthwhile and constructive on the human scene— human government, sound education, and so on—derives from the Divine and echoes it in some degree. And the role of a human manifestation of the Divine is efficiently fulfilled as the spiritual concept that gives it its strength and being is identified.

The Church of Christ, Scientist, has back of it the spiritual concept of absolute Church, Truth's structure, already and forever universal and established. As we acknowledge and give thanks to God for this universality, we help prosper the institution—The Mother Church and its branches—that is serving what Church actually is and that is acting as an outlet for the Science Christ Jesus proved and taught. Let's give thanks that the spiritual idea, Church, has timeless purposes because it has its origins in Love and Truth. There's no obsolescence for absolute Church.

The Bible-Its Value to Us Today
November 22, 1975

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