When one of our children was a few days old, a birthmark appeared...

When one of our children was a few days old, a birthmark appeared on the face of the child. Earnest knowing of the truth, as well as treatment by a Christian Science practitioner, did not change the appearance, and months went by. A brother, not a Christian Scientist, one day advised us that in fairness to the child we should have the mark removed by a skin specialist. We took the child to a doctor highly regarded in that field. After examining the mark he said it could be removed. I then asked, "But might the mark not disappear of itself over a period of time?" He replied it would be impossible. He also said removal of the birthmark would leave a slight scar.

Like a flash there came to my thought the words in the Bible (Heb. 4:12): "The word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword." As we left the doctor's office I knew that we would not return. It seemed clear that no blemish belonged on the face of that pure child, nor any trace of one.

Testimony of Healing
Shortly before our youngest child was born, the doctor who...
November 15, 1975

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