Over fifty years ago a friend visited our home and brought us...

Over fifty years ago a friend visited our home and brought us some Christian Science literature. He spoke in glowing terms of the healings he and his family had witnessed. I felt I had no time to read the periodicals because I had two small boys to care for. One morning when I arose, I was in great pain and could not stand, so I went to bed again. My husband called the family doctor, who told him I needed an immediate operation and he would come for me the next day to take me to the hospital.

As I lay in bed that day, I read the text of the Christian Science lecture our friend had brought us. I do not know how many times I read it, but when the doctor called for me the next morning, I met him at the door a well person. I did not know at that time I was to have another child and that the fetus was developing in the fallopian tube. The truth of God's love and care that I found in the lecture corrected that misplacement and the child was born normally in due time.

Testimony of Healing
I am convinced that gratitude opens our thought to receive...
June 8, 1974

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