So often when viewing a film, or after a visit to a theater...

So often when viewing a film, or after a visit to a theater, we remark, "Yes, it was enjoyable, but very far removed from daily experience." The things that characters in fiction experience are usually extreme, and not really believable, or so I thought when one day I was plunged into one of these incredible experiences.

At that time I held a senior position in a local bank, and I was proceeding through my normal busy schedule, answering the telephone very frequently, when one call stopped me completely in my tracks. As I listened, a voice on the other end of the telephone informed me that my wife and child were being held at gunpoint at our house, and unless I followed instructions they would be killed immediately. I was told to go to the safe, take out all the money that was there, and on no account tell the police or anyone in the office, as this would mean death to my family. Once I had the money, I was to go to my car, where instructions would tell me what to do next.

September 9, 1972

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