"I wonder if I know enough"

Have you ever wondered if you understood enough about Christian Science to have faith in it and rely on it completely and without reservation? This devilish question, or, rather, aggressive mental suggestion, would fool us into giving up or submitting to discouragement or self-depreciation. We should protest against it and refuse it admission to our thinking, and we have good grounds for doing so.

Because understanding God is an eternal quest, we can never know all about Him. By His very nature, He is infinite; thus some hitherto unknown facet of His being is always unfolding. But even though we can never know all about the All-in-all, it helps us to recognize that "Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood," Science and Health, p. 152; as Mrs. Eddy writes in the textbook, Science and Health.

A New School Year
August 21, 1971

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