The Liberating Law of God

Never before has the human mind so probed the multidimensional nature of the universe as it is now doing. Not only have men made epic journeys into space; they are searching within their hearts and minds for answers to the inner issues of living and working together on this planet. Considering the billions of variables that exist in human experience, the discovery of solutions seems a formidable if not an impossible task. It is clear that more than computational or social intelligence is needed.

Law is a basic concept in the social structure. It regulates the variables. Today, human law is being challenged, ignored, broken, and reviled in many lands. The legal, orderly channels for reforming that law are often disregarded. Racial pressures and student agitation often erupt because of impatience with or distrust of those orderly processes. Generalized, wholesale answers are obviously hard to come by. Shortcuts are not only difficult to find but, most times, do not succeed. Social evolution has to be worked out step by step; it has to take into account the spiritual progress of human consciousness. Mere manipulation of exterior conditions is unrealistic. The spiritual and moral values determine all human progress.

Our Friend: The Law
June 5, 1971

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