Why Does Evil Exist?

Throughout history thinkers have asked, Why does evil exist along with good? One of the conclusions reached by the French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre is that the universe is meaningless, absurd. Looking at existence from a material standpoint, one can sympathize with his conclusion. Certainly mortal mind, or evil, the false belief that life and intelligence are in matter, is absurd.

Christian Science is based on the premise that God, the Almighty, is the only creator. God is good, perfect; He is Spirit. It follows that God's creation must be good, perfect, spiritual. Therefore anything unlike God must be illusionary, a dream, a false belief. Through scientific prayer—holding thought to the allness of God, good, regardless of material sense testimony—Christian Scientists have overcome all manner of discord and thus have proved in their own experience that evil is not actually real but disappears before the realization of spiritual reality.

Going Forward with Infinite Resources
March 6, 1971

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