Comforters Are Needed

A young woman left her car and headed across the parking lot toward church. Suddenly a small child on a bicycle careened around the corner. As the bike's wheels hit a grease spot on the asphalt, it skidded, and the rider tumbled at the churchgoer's feet. Tearful, shaken, and covered with grease, the little girl cried, "I want my mother!"

"Why, she doesn't need to go anywhere," thought the woman, a Christian Scientist. "The motherhood of God is right here." Tender love and compassion filled the woman's thought, and she reached down and gathered the frightened child into her arms. Holding the little girl close and reaching out to God, the woman prayed to feel the presence of the divine Father-Mother, Love, who comforts each of His children. She knew that if she became conscious of this presence the child would too.

Hearing God Speak
November 13, 1971

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