How and Where to Find God

Matter provides no visible evidence of Spirit, God, or of things spiritual. Because mankind assume that matter is the real substance of life and that they are hopelessly in subjection to its so-called laws, it is not surprising that some should conclude that God does not exist and that many should feel that He is not present with us to help us. But is it not possible that physical law is a false, unreal concept and that another law, divine law, is the life-giving, sustaining power, maintaining existence spiritually rather than materially?

Christian Science defines God as Love, Life, Truth, Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Principle. These synonyms and the qualities they imply are obviously entirely separate from their opposites, such as hate, death, dishonesty, mortality, limitation. There is no communication between purity and evil, nor is there any response to prayer based on sensual or selfish desires. In the degree that materiality is indulged, Spirit is not accessible.

"What is your authority?"
January 2, 1971

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