Man Is God's Idea

What is man as God's idea? Surely it is necessary to know God divine Truth and Love, and to understand His expression, man, if we would conform our thinking to Truth. And mankind is learning that the spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures given in Christian Science makes it possible to understand and begin to demonstrate the true idea of man.

The first chapter of the Bible describes God's spiritual creation, including His image and likeness, man, as very good. This is followed by the allegory of a counterfeit creation springing from dust, in which Adam and Eve were tempted with the suggestion that there is both evil and good. Their acquiescence in this error resulted in their condemnation to toil and sorrow, and today acceptance of the false belief that man and the universe are material brings similar consequences. The concept of man as physical and disobedient to God needs to be exchanged for the true concept of man as spiritual and good.

In the process of time and in fulfillment of prophecy God sent the Messiah to deliver mankind from the false sense of man and creation. Christ Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. He understood the spiritual fact that God is the creator of man. At one time this knowledge was manifested as a voice from heaven, saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."  Matt. 3:17;

May 17, 1969

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