The study and application of Christian Science has indeed been...

The study and application of Christian Science has indeed been a blessing, revealing to me the healing, directing, and sustaining power of God, divine Love. On one occasion a severe cold was healed when it suddenly occurred to me that as a perfect, spiritual idea, God's beloved child, man cannot indulge in self-pity. The healing was immediate and so effective that I did not need to use a tissue for which I had been reaching.

For a number of years there had been two inconspicuous warts on one of my hands. I paid little attention to the warts until one day I noticed several more ranged across the knuckles. Immediately fear suggested that they might grow in size or continue to grow in number. My thought was arrested by the word "grow. Studying the meaning of this word and also the Bible statement (Gen. 1:31), "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good," I realized that nothing could be added to God's creation. All that appears in human experience as a right sense of growth must lie governed by spiritual reality. Since a wart did not represent a true sense of growth it could not be part of my real selfhood. A day or two later when I looked at my hand, it was clear of all the warts.

February 10, 1968

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