The Unlimited Nature of Spirit

In order to demonstrate dominion over human limitations through Christian Science and to heal the ills of the human body, one must begin with the correct concept of God as infinite Spirit and of man as the spiritual and perfect child of God. It is only this concept that enables one to comprehend the possibilities of reaching beyond the confines of mortality and proving one's freedom from sin, disease, and death. This is the way of salvation that Christ Jesus brought to humanity, and he proved the reality and effectiveness of this "way" in his own experience.

It is impossible for the mortal, material mind to grasp such an idea, and hence the opposition Jesus encountered. Materially-minded individuals in Jesus' day could not comprehend the Christ, Jesus' true selfhood in the likeness of God; and they are still in opposition to the idea of spiritual power as manifest today in the healing of sickness and sin through Christian Science. But it is only this higher idea of man's nature that will ever bring freedom from suffering The material mind, or the mind that results in the belief of life and intelligence in matter, is mortal; and it will continually suffer the restrictions imposed by its own nature and can never rise above those limitations. Only as one opens his thought to the Christ, the true idea of God, can one begin to see the infinite range of the real, or spiritual, creation and begin to experience the freedom that comes with this higher understanding.

Testimony of Healing
For fifty years Christian Science has been to me a rock and...
December 7, 1968

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