The Substance of Reflection

Looking into a mirror, one sees his reflection. He is quite aware that the substance of the reflection is his own expression and action. The reflection does nothing of itself but is constantly controlled by its original. There is no separate mind or consciousness in the mirror.

Christian Science teaches that man is the reflection of God. This relationship is intact and indestructible, and an understanding of this leads to healing and regeneration in human experience. God, the one divine Mind, is perfect, harmonious, pure. He is unlimited in every good quality. In the divine nature there is no possibility of sin, disease, or death. And when we grasp the fact that there is no other God, no other Mind but the divine Mind, we can eliminate the distortions of mortal thinking, the suffering of disease beliefs and sinful aberrations. We can understand that these abnormalities have no origin, no substance, and that there is nothing to maintain them or to believe in them. Man in the image and likeness of God must be whole, satisfied, and harmonious.

June 17, 1967

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