"This is my beloved Son"

In two separate instances the benediction, "This is my beloved Son," Matt. 3:17 and 17:5; was heard audibly by those around Christ Jesus. At his baptism and at the transfiguration these words were obvious to others. It may only be surmised how many times this benediction came to Jesus within the precincts of his own thought. This relationship between God and man as Father and son must become apparent to each individual in his progress in spiritual understanding. The idea of sonship with God is an essential factor in a realization of true identity and hence in working out one's salvation from all evil.

In the awakening to spiritual individuality, each one experiences the new birth. Each one begins to relate his activity to the cause of all real being, the one Father-Mother God. In this relationship he finds his reason for being. This was early apparent in the life of Jesus, perhaps due partly to the very definite sense of sonship that was exemplified in the virgin birth. Even as a child Jesus spoke to his mother and Joseph of being about his Father's business.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a child, I thought, "Oh, how wonderful to be able...
April 8, 1967

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