How to Communicate

One of the big problems of our time is how to communicate with each other. A lack of understanding often exists between races, between generations, between nations, and on the more personal level between individuals. It seems elementary to say that in order to communicate with anyone you must conceive of him as able to receive ideas and to understand them. One must have a right concept of his neighbor as the child of God, the reflection of divine Mind, in order to communicate effectively with him. Without this love and respect there is no foundation for a beneficial interchange of ideas.

This fact may be seen at all levels of human relationships. If one would teach a child, he must have some recognition of the individuality expressed in that child. Teaching includes response, and finding response depends upon initial recognition of identity. You are seeking to unfold the capacities that are inherent in the true selfhood of the individual. It is essential to have the right idea of man as the reflection of divine intelligence in order to have a basis for communication.

February 11, 1967

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