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RADIO PROGRAM NO. 296 - What Are You Giving Your Children? Part I

Questioner: It's hard for parents to keep up with the many different ideas about freedom and responsibility, about life and love, and so forth that are being presented to young people today. Is it really practical to expect that we can pass along our values to our children?Speaker: It is practical to pass along worthwhile values; but that's not to say it's easy, it's not a responsibility that parents can delegate to others, either inside or outside the home.

What values do you feel are the most important to pass along to your own children?Questioner: Well, there are the usual ones—a sense of responsibility, honesty, consideration for others, selflessness.Speaker: They're pretty much the same values that Paul spoke about —things that are honest, and just, and pure. He said (Phil. 4:8), "Think on these things."Questioner: It's one thing, I suppose, to want to pass along values to children; and it's another thing, of course, to do it.Speaker: I think this passing along of values has got to be recognized as a two-way proposition. If we want young people to be interested in what's important to us, don't we have the obligation to keep up with what's important to them? If we want them to accept and to hold on to the values we say we want them to have—integrity, responsibility, genuine love and affection— why, these must be values that we ourselves really do cherish and live by.

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December 9, 1967

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