The Importance of Persistence

It is safe to say that very few worthwhile undertakings have ever been completed without persistence. Those accomplishments that have most blessed mankind have all required a good measure of perseverance. History abounds with examples. Many Bible characters possessed the quality of persistence and used it effectively. Jacob in his struggle with error won the victory that changed his name to Israel only as he persisted until the light of Truth dawned on him. Moses required this quality in great measure when for forty years he led the children of Israel as they wandered through the wilderness toward the Promised Land. Because of the efforts of his enemies Nehemiah had to persevere to complete the building of the wall of Jerusalem.

Granted that persistence is a valuable quality and requisite for getting things done, why is it not practiced more often? Why does one give up, sometimes just when a victory is at hand? Christian Science provides the answer. It explains that one fails to persist because he forgets that God, divine Love, governs all and provides strength and wisdom with which to do Love's will.

Rejoicing in the Wilderness
November 18, 1967

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