In Isaiah we read (43:10), "Ye are my witnesses, saith the...

In Isaiah we read (43:10), "Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord." I can truly bear witness to the healing power of God through Christian Science. For over thirty-five years this religion has been my only physician and the answer to all my problems.

One instantaneous healing occurred when I was playing golf with some friends and was hit in the side of the head by a golf ball which had been struck with great force from behind some trees. That morning a friend and I had discussed a line from Hymn No. 64 in the Christian Science Hymnal which reads, "The loveliness of Love is all around." This line came to me immediately; and though I felt like crying, I knew that if I did I would be accepting the belief that something had happened to God's child when in reality nothing had ever touched him, since Love was "all around."

The Bible Speaks to You
RADIO PROGRAM NO. 226—Your Divine Right to Be Well!
August 6, 1966

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