Fibroid tumors, an arthritic ailment, and a sinus difficulty had...

Fibroid tumors, an arthritic ailment, and a sinus difficulty had been impairing my health for a number of years, as had hemorrhoids, a fractured coccyx, and constipation. Each day was a burden filled with despair of any present or future usefulness.

A surgeon had suggested surgery as a possible means of extending my life expectancy to the age of forty years. Then my husband reluctantly consented to my choice of complete reliance on God through Christian Science treatment (later he became a student of Science). As a result of this treatment each of the difficulties was healed, and I have gained a life expectancy beyond the human sense of years. These healings, and others resulting from continued study and help in Christian Science, made it possible for me to manage the duties of our home during many years and to resume active work in community and public school affairs.

Testimony of Healing
I had heard of Christian Science for many years; and among...
May 14, 1966

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