Washing Them Clean

[Of Special Interest to Children]

In the Christian Science Sunday School, which Jennie attends, the Bible, and also Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, are used hand in hand to explain the way of Life. The pupils love to learn about the Bible characters and especially about Jesus, the great Teacher and Way-shower. They often find that when they understand the spiritual meaning of what he said and did, this helps them.

Jennie has a little white dog, Flip, with whom she has shared many happy hours. One day Flip came to the back door and scratched on the screen, which was his way of saying he wanted to come in. Jennie heard him and ran to open the door. When she saw the little dog, he was so covered with dirt that she scarcely recognized him. She called her mother, and they both laughed because he looked so funny. Mother jokingly said they would have to throw him away, because he was too full of dirt to keep.

A College Student Writes
July 20, 1963

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