[The above is substantially the text of the program released for broadcast the weekend of April 19—21 in the radio series, "The Bible Speaks to You" heard internationally over more than 800 stations. This is one of the weekly programs produced by the Christian Science Committee on Publication, 107 Falmouth Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts.]

RADIO PROGRAM No. 55 - The Meaning of Atonement

[This is the fourth of a special group of programs on the subject, "The Values We Cherish," in which some basic elements of the Christian religion are being discussed.]

This attack on long-accepted concepts of sin and morality is having tremendous impact on the Christian world. If morality is merely a matter of human opinion or custom and there are no universal moral values, then, so goes the argument, the idea of sin is obsolete. And if there is no sin then there is no meaning in the career of a Saviour who came to free us from sin. In this way, sadly enough, the whole structure of religious faith has been shattered for many people.

Of Good Report
April 27, 1963

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