My two worst enemies were resentment...

My two worst enemies were resentment and criticism, especially secret criticism. Several years ago I helped to take care of some lawns. Not very far away there lived a neighbor who owned two saddle horses, and at night he turned them out to graze. The lawns were not fenced, and the horses walked on them, leaving holes wherever they stepped. I had to fill these holes up, and all the time I was doing it I was resentful and secretly criticizing the owner of the horses.

One morning I awoke with a cold and went to a Christian Science practitioner for help. The practitioner worked for me three or four times a week for two weeks, but the cold kept getting worse. Finally she asked me if I was holding resentment or was criticizing someone. I told her about the horses and the lawns. Then I went back to work, and in a very short time these words came to me just as plain as day: "You cannot give love to one and secretly criticize another." The cold disappeared almost immediately. I never knew what became of the horses; I never saw them again.

Testimony of Healing
My reading of Mrs. Eddy's statement...
July 5, 1952

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