It is right to rebel against the injustices and limitations of the material sense of life, but there is a correct way of rebelling. Christian Science shows that it must be done through meekness, which leads one to acknowledge good alone as real and to refuse to believe the portrayals of the physical senses, inasmuch as they have no cognizance of good. This right rebellion stills the resentment and human will that would incite one to take things into his own hands and force a better situation. Mary Baker Eddy says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 355), "To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea."

A clear vision—the perception of individuals and situations as God sees them—is always the great need when a clash of human minds seems imminent or when sickness or sin claims to hold someone with ruthless grasp. According to the revelation of Christian Science, God is one all-embracing Mind. His creation is comprised of spiritual ideas, which are limitless in harmony and goodness. He controls justly all that He produces, and His universe is one great symphony of harmonious ideas which act to manifest His intelligence and love.

May 17, 1952

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