Is Good Enviable?

In reviewing an interesting business letter, a Christian Scientist's attention was arrested by the phrases "enjoying such an enviable reputation" and, farther along, "enjoying an enviable business." Doubtless it was the coupling of enjoyment with envy which caused her to pause and ponder these strange partners. These terms "enviable reputation" and "enviable business" may deceive many into believing that a desirable reputation or business is something to be envied. But is it?

Envy in the Scriptures is linked with hatred, murder, deceit, strife, malice, lust, divisions, wrath, back-bitings, drunkenness. In agreement our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, tells us in her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 (p. 3), "Envy is the atmosphere of hell." On the following page she makes plain that envy goes hand in hand with rivalry. There she states, "Competition in commerce, deceit in councils, dishonor in nations, dishonesty in trusts, begin with 'Who shall be greatest?"

No Problems in "Love's divine adventure"
July 20, 1946

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