The Medicine and Modus Operandi of Christian Science

Legend and history relate the efforts and struggles of mortals to find in medicine a material panacea for their discords and diseases. Yet today, despite past failures, the carnal mind is still openly and subtly arguing on a world-wide scale that man, supposedly composed of matter and mind, needs to be treated for his ills by material means. Such false premises would presume to reverse the thesis in the first chapter of Genesis that man made in God's likeness is wholly spiritual, and to deny the evidence that obviously points to the human, mortal mind as the cause of all disease.

Reason and logic indicate that that which causes disease cannot also contain the cure for it, disease being always an effect, an objectification of erroneous mortal thought. Christian Science presents proof of the practical conclusion that successful healing of mankind's ills must be sought in a source higher than the finite human mind and its effect, matter, or any combination of either. This higher source must be none other than the one infinite divine Mind, God, who is ever sustaining with spiritual law all the ideas of His creating, including man, in perfect health and harmony.

A Table in the Wilderness
November 16, 1946

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