Home on the Winds of God

Mankind is accustomed to look to the physical senses for the truth about most things. It asks them whether it has companionship and a happy home, and is content or dissatisfied according to the evidence presented. Yet the frail testimony of these senses is never accurate, and when it has failed us, as it always does fail sooner or later, how exhilarating many of us have found it, through the teachings of Christian Science, to turn entirely to Spirit for evidence, and to trust Spirit for supply in all things.

Sea gulls overhead, sweeping across the sky, driven and upheld by a strong, high wind, present a more inspiring scene than does the sitting bird, perched upon the branch of a tree. No material structure upholds the gull, yet it floats safely on the rushing air. May we not feel entirely secure in turning to Spirit for our home, our companionship, our supply, when matter affords us no evidence of their presence? If the bending bough of human concepts breaks beneath us, Spirit will duly bear us to a higher resting place, from which we shall gain wider, more satisfying views of the great universe of Mind. Christ Jesus knew what it was to be borne, unresisting, upon the bosom of divine Love. He said, "As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love." Any right thought, any endeavor on our part to keep his commandments, brings this infinitude of Love to our support.

March 27, 1943

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