During the four years since I...

During the four years since I left the Christian Science Sunday School I have received countless blessings from the study of this Science. My attendance was intermittent, being limited to school holidays, and it was not until some months after I had left the Sunday school that I realized how priceless had been this privilege.

I feel that my gratitude can best be expressed by relating an experience which proved to me the true nature of employment. I was experiencing growing dissatisfaction with the post I held, feeling that there was no opportunity for advancement and that I was not making use of my capabilities. So. I took human footsteps to remedy this difficulty, applying to bureaus and agents in my search for a better post, but nothing presented itself which I felt was right for me. When thinking this over in the light of Christian Science I suddenly realized that my only employer was God, and that therefore my only employment was to serve Him; that this service consisted of expressing the qualities of God; that time, place, and worldly conditions had nothing to do with it, and that I could not hold a more responsible post; it was one which could not under any circumstances be terminated. From that moment I ceased to look for something better, knowing that if I were worthy of promotion it would come as a natural result of service to God; that He would provide the increase.

Testimony of Healing
With all my heart, I thank our...
December 25, 1943

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