About five years ago, while I...

About five years ago, while I was living in California, I was healed of a serious physical condition. One day I noticed some boils on my legs, which spread rapidly until the entire surface became much inflamed, and the limbs were swollen to twice their normal size. Just as the condition seemed to be hopeless and unbearable, a kind friend came to visit me. She drove me to San Francisco to see a Christian Science practitioner. I finally reached the practitioner's office, walking with great difficulty and in great pain. The practitioner was most compassionate and loving, admonishing me to eliminate all thoughts of resentment and to trust God more. I promised to be obedient. This was on a Saturday. Just before I left she said, "I'll expect to hear that you are back at work in the office on Monday;" and I was, much to the astonishment of my co-workers.

The consciousness of our Father-Mother God's nearness was so real, and gratitude for freedom regained so great, I was actually glad to have had the disagreeable experience, because it had proved the absolute unreality of what seemed a serious condition. This healing has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing
Over twenty years ago I was...
September 19, 1942

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