A statement in a communication in your issue of February...

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A statement in a communication in your issue of February 24, on "Tax Payers and Taxes," contained a statement about Christian Science that may confuse some of your readers. May I have a little space to make a correction?

With reference to the present depression it said, "Maybe we can give it a dose of Christian Science and deny its existence." Many students of this faith are indeed applying Christian Science to the depression, and they have the faith to believe it is having a beneficial result. But they are not doing what the communication seems to suggest. The process by which they hope to add something to the common good goes far beyond denial. They realize that the depression is a manifestation of fear, by which the truth about divine cause, effect, and supply is obscured for a time. If God is the only cause, as the Bible and reason declare, then the effect that flows from this cause must be good, since God is good. That must be the truth about all reality, whatever the material evidences may be. What now manifests lack and fear and dislocation cannot be the truth about God's creation.

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