Watching Which Heals

On page 84 of "Retrospection and Introspection" Mrs. Eddy writes, "He who sees clearly and enlightens other minds most readily, keeps his own lamp trimmed and burning." Many a young student of Christian Science, filled with gratitude for healing received, or with joy in the newly-discovered higher concept of God taught in Christian Science, sets forth with zeal untempered by wisdom to bring others to a knowledge of the truth which means to him health and happiness; and he is often sorely hurt, and not a little puzzled, by the indifference, mild toleration, or bitter scorn, as the case may be, with which his well-meant efforts are met. In disappointment and discouragement he may fail to remember the road by which he himself has traveled and the never failing patience and wisdom of the Father, who has protected him and led him to the point he has reached. He may, perhaps, undergo many more struggles before he sees that he needs to demonstrate a higher degree of understanding of the design of divine Love and of the omnipotence and universality of good.

The belief of evil is always attempting to clothe itself in the robe of good, and in this way to frustrate the work of those who are earnestly striving to follow the Christ. It may come in the subtle suggestion that the growth of Christian Science in a particular neighborhood is very slow, or at a standstill, and that, unless Christian Scientists do a lot more running about and preaching and teaching, in season and out of season, the work there will soon cease! This suggestion is often mistaken for the urge of Truth, and, led on by it, we toil and labor in a way which an increased knowledge of God's eternal and unfailing law shows us is unnecessary and often futile.

The Blessed Now
May 8, 1926

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