I should like to express my gratitude to God and to our...

I should like to express my gratitude to God and to our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for Christian Science and for all her writings, as well as for the Journal, the Sentinel, and the Monitor. I have received so much joy and benefit from reading the testimonies that I feel I must tell of my own experiences, hoping thereby to benefit some one else.

The first healing in our home was that of our young son, nine years old, who had suffered from kidney trouble since birth. We knew very little about this wonderful truth, and as we were living many miles from a town or church, I wrote for absent treatment. This was given very lovingly, and in a little over a month our boy was permanently healed. I then purchased "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and read it through twice; then I began to read the Lesson-Sermons with our boy and little girl. We moved into a city later, where our childern had the great privilege of attending a Christian Science Sunday School; and we all went to church. One day the girl showed symptoms of measles, and by noon was covered with a rash. I telephoned a dear friend, a Christian Scientist, for help. The next day all signs of the disease had gone, and the child was up and about, perfectly well. This was another proof of God's care and ever-presence. I am very grateful for a recent healing of a badly strained eye. I received help from a loving practitioner and all pain left me; but not until I corrected a wrong thought of resentment toward a neighbor did I get my complete healing. A short time ago I heard that my sister, her husband, and their two childern were coming to visit us, if my sister were well enough to take the two days' journey. She was suffering from neuritis and had been in bed two weeks. I realized the truth at once, and wrote her to come and have no fear. They all arrived, but to mortal sense my sister was too weak to walk far, She had a slight understanding of Christian Science and read daily the Lesson-Sermon. We read and talked together each day, and I held to the truth of God's ever present love and harmony, with the result that in three days she and I walked to church and back, three miles, and went for drives and picnics on the river. From then on she forgot she had ever been sick. I was greatly uplifted; and although there were eight or ten of us for all our meals, and I did most of the work myself, I never felt the slightest discomfort. Everything was most harmonious.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was presented to me about fifteen years...
October 24, 1925

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