The Lectures

Minneapolis, Minn. (Sixth Church).—The following introductory remarks were made by George F. Orde at a Christian Science lecture delivered by Ezra W. Palmer:—

Christian Science is bringing about the coming into a full realization of man's oneness with God, divine Love. It is the light of Truth dawning on the consciousness of man. The first chapter of Genesis clearly states that man was made in the image and likeness of God, and that all God made He declared to be "very good." Can we imagine any part of God's creation losing its perfection for one moment, or throughout eternity? Christian Science is founded on the fact that God is divine Principle and man is His spiritual idea, or reflection; and we have only to know this to be freed from every claim of error, or so-called mortal mind, which is a counterfeit of divine Mind. If we have a counterfeit bank note in our possession we believe it to be good and worth full value until we learn the truth about it. When we realize that it represents no value our former belief is immediately destroyed. When we learn that all that is unlike God, good, is unreal, we find ourselves freed from the belief of sin, sickness, and death. There is nothing complicated about Christian Science. It is just a question of knowing that we are forever, eternally, the children of God, who is infinite Love; and as we dwell in the atmosphere of this Love we shall experience no inharmony in our lives.

Testimony of Healing
My gratitude to God for the innumerable blessings which...
July 8, 1922

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