The Christ-healing

The world is apt to use the word Science in the most casual way. It is true that this way may not be more casual in its reference to Science than to dozens of other words, but it leads to a greater confusion than in most cases. There is nothing whatever empirical about Science. Literally, the word means that which you know, not that which you are guessing at, nor even experimenting about. Thus, the only Science which can possibly exist is an exact knowledge of Truth, and this was precisely what Jesus meant when he declared, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Anybody who will stay to think must realize that this is an absolutely scientific statement. A knowledge of Truth must be a scientific knowledge because a knowledge of anything but Truth is a contradiction of terms: the imposition of ignorance has to be exposed by an understanding of Truth, or Principle. Thus, in the very nature of things, knowledge of the truth is a demonstrable knowledge, and as such is capable always of scientific proof. This is why the scientific knowledge of God, Principle, is really the only scientific knowledge there can be. And it is why a great schoolman, building truer than he knew, once declared there was no Science but this knowledge of spiritual reality, or Truth.

Will and Relationship
January 14, 1922

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