Actuated by the desire to offer a word of encouragement...

Actuated by the desire to offer a word of encouragement to those who are struggling with what may seem to them hopeless disease, I wish to relate the of following experience:

Many years ago I was bedridden, suffering from a case of gangrene in my left limb following an injury which had not yielded to ordinary medication. Amputation had been strongly urged as the only chance for recovery, to which I would not consent, feeling sure that I would never come out of the ether. Six months after my decision not to submit to surgery found me in a much worse condition physically, accompanied by keen mental distress, discouragement, and hopelessness. At this time my wife suggested that I send for a Christian Science practitioner. Previous to this, Christian Science had been mentioned but not accepted, because it was thought to be suitable only for nervous people, and could not be applied to ulcers caused by blood poisoning. I had heard at this juncture of some healings of typhoid, which was then quite prevalent in the city where I was then living. So with a vague hope that some help might be had for me a practitioner was sent for, but could not come until the following day. I will never forget the cheerfulness of his presence. It was so soothing to my own sense of dejection. Without my having a chance to recount to him the details of my suffering he began at once to tell me what had induced him to leave his former calling, that of a practicing physician, to become a Christian Scientist, prefacing his remarks by telling me I had thought too much about myself. His experience gripped my attention and gave me a fresh hold upon hope, because I reasoned if Christian Science could heal leprosy, of which he had been healed, it could also heal gangrene. Within ten days following the interview the ulcers had completely dried up and disappeared, and with them the pain and swelling. My ankle had become stiffened, ankylosed, and the knee drwan up so that I could just touch the floor with my toe, but in about three months freedom of action in walking or standing was restored to me.

Testimony of Healing
With heartfelt gratitude for Christian Science I give...
January 14, 1922

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