I am very glad to be able to add to the many others from...

I am very glad to be able to add to the many others from all over the world appearing in our periodicals my testimony to the truth of Christian Science as a practical and demonstrable religion. I became interested in Christian Science several years ago, not as a result of any physical healing, but rather from a curious desire to find out what it is,—not so much curiosity, perhaps, as it was desire to more intelligently ridicule and criticize what I thought Christian Science to be. With this in view, I secured a copy of its textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, but I had not read more than a few pages in the first chapter, that wonderful chapter entitled "Prayer," before I realized that if this was Christian Science it was totally different from what my concept of it had been, and that if this was christian Science it was what I wanted. Since that time I have had many demonstrations of the power of Truth, as taught in Christian Science, to heal not only physical disease but to cure and alleviate all of the discordant conditions arising in the everyday life of the average man.

A demonstration that I experienced several years ago has always remained in my thought as a conclusive proof of the quick action of the healing truth. In cranking a car, I either broke or sprained my wrist. The pain was intense and almost unbearable. I went to my room and read Science and Health and tried to help myself, as I wanted to work it out without the aid of a practitioner. The pain was alleviated while I was reading, but after a whole day's effort to overcome it I realized that I was suffering so that I could no longer think for myself. I felt I must have the help of some one else. I was living in the home of a Christian Science practitioner and I asked her to treat me. The pain was so intense that I could scarcely control myself. I doubted if Christian Science could really end such suffering, and yet I had seen so many healings, I knew that it could. In fifteen minutes, the practitioner told me to go to my room and do whatever I felt like doing. The pain did not seem to have abated, but she must have known that it was met. I went to my room, picked up a newspaper and was amazed to find that all the pain had vanished. I read for over two hours without the slightest inconvenience. Whether the wrist had been broken or sprained did not matter and I never found out; the pain had been very real to me, but through Christian Science it had disappeared. I never did anything for it, materially; I did not have it set nor put in a sling. In three days I was again cranking the car, and within a week all trace of the discordant condition had disappeared, and to-day that arm is as sound as the other. For these healings I am very grateful, more and more so every day as I realize the vision it required for Mrs. Eddy to stand, and to stand alone, in the midst of all the persecution, malice, and scorn hurled at her, and so perfect her work that we can to-day by the study and application of her teaching learn to heal ourselves and others. I am so grateful to her when I realize that, in her words as found on page 141 of Science and Health, "For this Principle there is no dynasty, no ecclesiastical monopoly. Its only crowned head is immortal sovereignty. Its only priest is the spiritualized man." I am so grateful that in spite of all the attacks of error, Mrs. Eddy's vision endurse and our periodicals "carry on," carrying the healing message of this Principle to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Testimony of Healing
My experiences in Christian Science have given me so...
January 14, 1922

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