TO those able to read the signs of the times the outlook is radiant with promise, for the doubt, uncertainty, and sense of insecurity which seem to possess the world to-day are then seen to mark the necessary transitional period from material sense to spiritual understanding, made apparent through the growing recognition that the only realities are the creations of Spirit, for the actuality of matter as substance is being doubted on every side. That this condition is to be expected is made clear by the words of Jesus when, after foretelling the destruction of the Temple and enumerating various troubles and sorrows he added this definite statement, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

Without perfection there can be no permanence, and all must therefore continue to change until perfection appears, for perfection alone provides an unalterable standard. The gradual relinquishment of the belief in the reality and permanence of matter which must necessarily take place in order that the facts of God and the universe may be grasped, may be expressed in a transitional period of doubt, uncertainty, and insecurity concerning all material things. If, however, this is seen to be but the preparation for a recognition of that spiritual illumination which is the kingdom of heaven within us we shall welcome these signs with rejoicing, and appraise them at their true value.

Just Good
January 14, 1922

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