True Activity

TWO students of Christian Science were discussing precious stones. One remarked that a diamond was her favorite gem because it expressed purity; the other said that, to her, a diamond expressed activity. Now it is only because of its purity that a diamond can express activity, for it is only the pureness and transparency of this gem that enable it to reflect every ray of light. So it is with man; the man who really manifests activity must be that man who is least material. The purest man the world has ever known was Jesus the Christ, and there is not the slightest doubt that he was the most active. The activity Jesus manifested was very different from the world's general conception of that word.

Activity is not merely physical exertion or emotion, doing something and letting everybody around know that it is being done. True activity is the reflection of God, of Life, Truth, and Love; it is right thinking. Just as the diamond could not reflect the light or express activity without purity, so man could not possibly manifest true activity were he not pure. Dense materialism cannot reflect the light of Truth. Materialism, sensualism, and egotism can know nothing of divine activity. On the other hand, Jesus knew the nothingness of materialism. Through his boundless purity he expressed activity, and that is why he was always about his Father's business, always at his post day and night. Every student of Christian Science knows that while his thoughts are clouded with materialism he cannot think actively; and he also knows that when materialism has given place to the activity of Principle he can heal through the purity of his understanding.

On Losing Your Way
June 18, 1921

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