Many times have I expressed my gratitude in the...

Many times have I expressed my gratitude in the Wednesday evening meetings for the many healings which I have experienced as the result of my slight understanding of the truth as taught in Christian Science, and it is a joy to express my gratitude again through our periodicals. Christian Science found me sick and broken-hearted, but all this vanished when I began to live according to its teachings and learned of man's true identity as the son of God. One experience I value very much was the overcoming of the effects of a severe fall, when I struck the back of my head while skating. I lay motionless and unconscious; in fact, my companion thought I would never rise again, but when he lifted my head and called my name most anxiously I said, "Think of God," because He was all I was conscious of, and in two or three minutes I got up and skated the same as ever, without fear or suffering. A slight soreness in my head left the next day. This was a positive proof to me that God had become my refuge, my All, to whom I could turn when in need.

Another beautiful healing was experienced when hot bacon fat poured on my foot. I declared the truth, and through the understanding of my spiritual selfhood I was freed from the suffering which mortal law would have impinged upon me. From childhood I was in great bondage to the fear of being left alone in the house or apartment, which was the result of a teaching full of superstition and belief in evil spirits. Though realizing the folly of it when grown up, I did not know how to rid myself of the belief and it caused me endless torture. But when the truth in Christian Science dawned on me, I knew I would be delivered from this bondage, and I was. As the right understanding of God became clearer to me and I knew that He filled all space, the belief of phantoms of the dark disappeared, leaving me happy and thankful. Now I rejoice in being alone with God. This healing brought a great deal more to me than can be said in a few words, since I gained from it such a clear realization that all evil, sickness, accidents, loss, and the like, are only superstitious beliefs, phantoms of unenlightened thought, and that they all flee when the ever presence of God is realized. This clearer understanding has been very helpful to me in solving any seeming problems.

My gratitude to God, who is proved so near and dear to us through the teachings of Christian Science, finds its expression in obedience to His laws and in loving service to all mankind according to my best understanding, and I rejoice daily in the truth that is expressed all over the world and brings deliverance from all false beliefs.

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