In gratitude to God for His loving-kindness to all mankind,...

In gratitude to God for His loving-kindness to all mankind, and because of the help and encouragement I have received from the testimonies in the Journal and Sentinel, I wish to add mine, hoping it may do as much for some one else who is reaching out for help and healing as those of others have done for me. From early girlhood I had been a member of a denominational church and was trying to know the way as taught in the Bible. Many passages in the Bible were very precious to me, but with that exception it was a sealed book. The many things I could not understand were put aside, with the thought that they were mysteries, known only to God. A great sorrow came to me that utterly swept away my faith in a manlike God and a far-away place called heaven. Somehow I knew there was a God, "if haply they [I] might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: for in him we live, and move, and have our being." When in an effort to comfort me the ministers told me this sorrow was God's will, and that He would give me strength to bear it, I would shake my head and say, "God does not know it," and I began my search for a right understanding of God and heaven.

In the summer of 1906 I visited a certain large city. I told the friend who went with me that I was going to investigate Christian Science. The first Sunday I went to a Christian Science church, and after the service a copy of the Sentinel was handed to me. After reading the first article I knew I had found what I was seeking for, because it told of God as divine Love. I have been a constant reader of the Sentinel ever since, but it was about two years before I was willing to leave the old for the new. After purchasing "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and reading it daily, and having learned in some measure to know God as Life, Truth, and Love, ever present and all-powerful, every physical ill was destroyed, from some of which I never expected to be free, as they were accounted incurable. I did not know just when I was healed, but I do know that it was the understanding of God, as taught in Christian Science, that healed me of sin, sorrow, and sickness. I had found the pearl of great price.

Testimony of Healing
In the summer of 1902 Christian Science healed me, in...
March 5, 1921

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