Christian Science has been a constant source of help to...

Christian Science has been a constant source of help to me for over ten years, and every day I have more cause to be grateful for it. It has cured me of nervous dyspepsia to which I had been subject since I was quite a child. The slightest excitement or extra exertion, especially after a meal, would bring on an attack, so that very often when I was supposed to be enjoying myself most I was in misery. This difficulty did not yield readily, for I felt quite well between the attacks and did not even ask for help, and when I was suffering I felt too lethargic to help myself, and was also skeptical as to the power of Christian Science to help me. A feeling of antagonism always tried to assert itself; the suffering sense wanted nothing other than to be let alone to wear itself out. But at last one day I mentioned it to a Christian Science practitioner who had given me much help in other ways. I had one treatment, and that was the end of it! The old symptoms returned perhaps twice or three times after that, at long intervals, but the mesmeric lethargy had gone and the symptoms were met and mastered within a few minutes in each instance, and that is a long time ago.

I have had many instantaneous healings of such things as bad headaches, toothache, influenza, and diphtheritic throat. Each healing of this kind has been a joy and encouragement, for it has proved that, just so far as one has learned the Science of spiritual healing correctly and applies the understanding gained, there is nothing to hinder progress. Physical healing for one's self becomes less frequent, however, for Christian Science is preventive, and one's desire is for greater spiritual knowledge.

Signs of the Times
March 5, 1921

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