Finding One's Place

The moment one gains the least idea of Truth as revealed in Christian Science, that moment the process of finding one's right place begins. It is the beginning of the recognition of man's real being in the infinitude of Truth, though the one in whom this transformation of thought is begun may be unaware of the mental process which has been awakened and which will continue its activity until man's real place as God's infinite reflection is proved. There may be little thought when first turning to Christian Science for healing that one is starting on an ascending pathway which will lead out of material bondage and into infinite spiritual harmony. At such time one may be seeking only relief from a so-called physical ailment or the disentanglement of perplexing personal problems, but, as many grateful testimonies bear witness, the first hours spent in investigating Christian Science have frequently resulted in so completely changing the currents of thought that one's outlook and life purposes are found to be on an entirely different basis, with the outcome that the universe of Spirit is recognized as the real and that which the material senses behold is seen to be illusion.

The sincere seeker for Truth recognizes that his right place is always found not by casting about to find a desirable material position or what may seem to be a convenient earthly place to take refuge in but discerning the spiritual, right idea in place of the human condition, place, or thing. In the turning and overturning of thought that is now in progress throughout the world it is becoming evident, to those who think, that only the place which God is upholding is secure and will be preserved. When it is recognized that only rightness or righteousness, as the Bible terms it, will finally endure, it naturally behooves those who are in earnest to find the right place for thought to abide. In Proverbs we read, "Righteousness exalteth a nation," and again, "The righteous is an everlasting foundation." Students of Christian Science recognize that the "everlasting foundation," secure from all attacks of evil, is true spiritual thinking, the reflection of the divine Mind, and that by demonstrating the Principle of Christian Science the true spiritual foundation is revealed, even that spiritual rock against which the waves of mortal sense may dash themselves to pieces.

December 3, 1921

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